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  1. Keep Cairns Campus Safe and Secure

    Posted by Peter Whalley-Thompson (James Cook University)

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    Keep Cairns Campus Safe and Secure

    JCU management want to outsource the security function on the Cairns campus. Staff oppose the idea.

    Security has been outsourced in Cairns previously and was a disaster. The campus is isolated from the rest of Cairns city and the response rate to security services is poor.

    Security staff working for JCU know the campus, the work, the people and take great care to protect the university environment. A contractor will not provide the same level of service, regardless of the promises made at the beginning.

    JCU management will not say exactly how much money they can save by contracting out the jobs of ten loyal employees, but an average of the tenders submitted for this contract amounts to less than the money paid to JCU executives as bonuses last year. It is the equivalent of one middle management salary.

    Staff working outside business hours, research projects which require 24/7 care, international students frightened of racist attacks, priceless collections on campus are all being put at risk for a notional saving of a few dollars in an annual budget of over $400m.

    Managment asked staff for feedback and almost unanimously the staff and students said they hated the idea. Management want to go ahead and privatize this work anyway. It's time to get loud and protest.


    Sign the petition and tell the VC not to outsource your safety and security.

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  2. An example of how to calculate redundancy payments from the 2004 JCU Enterprise Agreement

    Posted 18 July 2014 by Peter Whalley-Thompson (James Cook University)

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    (21 KB) - DOCX

    Example of redundancy calculations for part time workers in 2004 JCU EA

    • Published: 18 Jul, 2014

    Example of the process for calculating redundancy payments for staff who have either worked part time or a mix of part time and fulltime hours during their period of employment. Part of our dispute with JCU on redundancy payments for cleaners.

  3. The dispute letter we sent to JCU about underpaying redundancy to part time workers

    Posted 18 July 2014 by Peter Whalley-Thompson (James Cook University)

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    (839 KB) - PDF

    Letter to JCU HR Director about dispute over redundancy payments

    • Published: 18 Jul, 2014

    The NTEU wrote to the Director of HR at JCU on 19 May raising a dispute over the calculation of redundancy payments for part time staff. JCU's calculations fractionalize these payments twice by misinterpreting a clause for averaging pay to staff who have

  4. University funding cuts cause severe indigestion for government (SMH 14.7.14)

    Posted 14 July 2014 by Paul Clifton (NTEU National Office)

    Crossbench senators with an ear to popular opinion could become even less co-operative when university cuts come before them, with new polling showing the Coalition’s changes are poison in voter-land.

    Extensive automated phone polling across 23 federal electorates taking in all states has found cuts in federal funding and changes to allow increased fees, higher loan charges, and access to limited federal funding by non-university course providers, have not gone over well with households.

    Sixty-nine per cent of those polled said they opposed “significant increases in fees” and 65 per cent said they opposed a 20 per cent funding

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  5. 2013/14 NTEU Taxation Statements

    Posted 9 July 2014 by Glenn Osmand (NTEU National Office)

    Current taxation statements for membership fees collected by the NTEU via Direct Debit, Credit Card and Invoice are available for download from your NTEU Member page.

    To access your statement, go ...

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  6. NTEU elections: Uncontested declarations, extension of nominations

    Posted 8 July 2014 by Paul Clifton (NTEU National Office)

    A list of extension of nominations for uncontested declarations in NTEU elections in can be found here:


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  7. Budget a shocker for Indigenous Australians

    Posted 8 July 2014 by Celeste Liddle (Indigenous)

    The Federal Budget contained a number of nasty surprises for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Cuts were expected, and pre-empted to a certain degree, but when the news came through that a total of $500 million had been cut from essential Indigenous services, the shock in the community was apparent.

    In particular, equity measures within Indigenous education, health and legal services have been the hardest hit and there seems little opportunity for response. In short, we have a huge fight ahead in a hostile

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  8. 2014 Online Teaching Conditions Survey

    Posted 7 July 2014 by Jen T. Kwok (NTEU National Office)

    The NTEU is seeking your input to help our campaign for better working conditions.

    If you are a casual or sessional academic, you can take the 2014 Online Teaching Conditions Survey here.

    You ...

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  9. Security Jobs Cut on JCU Cairns Campus

    Posted 7 July 2014 by edXpress (edXpress)

    Despite overwhelming objections from staff and students, JCU has sacked ten security officers on Cairns Campus with a view to outsourcing their services. Staff labelled the move ‘insane’.


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  10. No truth or justice in the American way

    Posted 3 July 2014 by Jeannie Rea (NTEU National Office)

    If any one aspect of Minister for Education Pyne’s plans for Australian higher education sends shivers down the collective spines of university staff, students and Vice-Chancellors, it is his proclamation that  the United States higher education system is his inspiration.

    Not surprisingly, the prospect of the Americanisation of our universities also horrifies the general public, as confirmed in the NTEU’s latest polling (see p. 22). People know about the American system from popular culture. Just think about the many plot lines that draw upon the millstone of student loans hanging over young (and not so young) professionals, tales of glorious but also terrible colleges, of the scramble to get into a decent college, abuse of scholarship systems, of university collusion with big pharma and the military industrial complex, of persecution of dissident academics, rip off for-profit outfits, bankrupt colleges and so

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